Creating a modern platform for managing email delivery.

The Project

The objective of this project is to create a system to let shipment senders to customize their emails for letting recipients know about new shipments. It will also let them create surveys for recipients to optionally fill out to improve service and satisfaction. The system is highly configurable, and fit for a wide range of use-cases.

Meet the team


Computer Engineer, enthusiastic about making stuff. Previously developed several mobile apps, and currently learning the .NET stack.

You can find me at



Introducing MGiNX

Modern and easy to use email delivery platform

Featuring WSYWIG email editor, survey configuration, branding options and more

Email Editor

Editor suitable for all needs, simple or advanced

Easily include shipment-specific data using tokens to personalize each email sent

Apply company branding for a consistent consumer-side impression

Kickstart creation by using tailored templates

Proved compatability with all popular email clients

Featured in image: Microsoft Outlook 2003, Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook 2013


As a commercial actor, you need customer feedback

By easily making a survey and including it in certain emails you get the feedback you need

And with the whole application supporting multiple languages, you can customize the feedback wanted from each region

But what would feedback be if you could not easily get a perspective?

That's why we deliver a powerful insight into the feedback generated by consumers

Stay tuned for release

Project Tech Stack

For the project we are trying out a number of exciting technologies:


We're running the backend on a ASP.NET stack using Web API endpoints.


For the database we're using a PostgreSQL database under Entity Framework 7.


To host the application, we are using Docker images on a Linux host.


Package Manager for Javascript libraries


Package Manager for .NET libraries.


The newest web technologies.


A neat timeline for our project

  • Thesis published!

    The complete thesis has been published, and can be found here:

  • Thesis finished!

    The thesis is complete! Release and application showcase coming soon.

  • Sprint #5 Complete, Sprint #6 Started!

    During Sprint #6 we completed and tested the application. The prototype is now complete. The remaining time of the project will be spent on writing the thesis, documenting the whole process. Stay tuned for the release.

  • Sprint #5 Complete, Sprint #6 Started!

    During Sprint #5 we improved the email delivery by ensuring encryption, validating using SPF & DKIM and more.

  • Sprint #4 Complete, Sprint #5 Started!

    During Sprint #4 we have worked a lot on improving the backend stack, by implementing a web proxy for HTTPS, and setting up a secure email server.

  • Sprint #3 Complete, Sprint #4 Started!

    During Sprint #3 we have created an early implementation of the email engine/compiler, and implemented most of the survey functionality.

  • Sprint #2 Complete, Sprint #3 Started!

    During Sprint #2 we implemented a lot of the communication between front-end and backend, as well as working on the editor itself.

  • Sprint #1 Complete, Sprint #2 Started!

    During Sprint #1 we have created a prototype GUI for the whole application, along with setting up server environments etc.

  • Sprint #1 Started!

    Using all our planning, we are now starting development! Stay tuned.

  • SRS Document Complete!

    The Sotware Requirements Specification is complete! Today we're populating the backlog with the necessary tasks, before we start development.

  • Project Plan Complete!

    The Project Plan is complete! We are spending a couple of days to finish the SRS (Software Requirements Specification).

  • Project Kick-off!

    The project has begun! We're spending most of our time on project planning and researching.


Misc. public files for the project: